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The Uttermost Abyss is a gloomy first-person shooter that I made to learn the basic principles of UE4. The game is relatively short and can be finished in under 30 minutes, so give it a whirl. All assets including the 3D models and music were made by me.


Windows 32-bit 600 MB


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What a great old-school FPS!  I like this  better than Doom 2016 as it's more true to classic Doom and Quake!

love the game like the doom feel and level design cant wait for more!!

This  was a pretty cool game.  I couldn't beat it on hard.  Mostly because I didn't know what I was doing, but it was still fun.  If you just want a fun shooter game then check this one out.  

Simple shooter that was surprisingly enjoyable to play. Especially impressed of the "challenge" at the end. Many aspects of the game are on par with commercial games, especially the satisfying shooting mechanics and animations.

Could use better lighting at times. Some bits are not quite refined, for example there is no incentive to use the pistol after you get a better weapon. Spawns are harsh and you can lose all your lives in a quick succession. Ridiculously difficult above normal difficulty but probably doable.

Try it out, challenging shooter fun and you will enjoy yourself for the 20-30mins.